Dynamic Flow Methods for Characterizing Materials Seminar on 25 Jul
Date:5th July 2017


Date: 25 Jul 2017

Time: 9.30am to 3.00pm

Venue: ITS Science & Medical Pte Ltd

Address: 219, Henderson Road, #11-02, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159556


ITS Science & Medical is proud to have Dr Charles G. Thibault from Quantachrome Instruments to conduct a seminar on 25th July.

Manometric methods for characterizing porous materials are well known. The determination of BET area and pore size distributions is routinely performed in the development of new materials as well as in quality control of production processes. We will be presenting some methods using dynamic flow techniques for the characterization of materials used for gas separation, gas storage, gas purification, electron/ion transport, and catalysis.


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